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Experience The Words

By Yinghong Huang05/03/2020 Student Experience

Vocabulary and expressions in books can be cold and abstract. They become emotional and meaningful only when you use them in real life and experience them.

As a published author and lecturer with years of teaching experience, how to make Chinese learning effective and enjoyable has been the ultimate goal for me. Chinese is being recognised as one of the hardest languages to learn, and it tends to scare people off from learning it let alone learning it well with fun. Its different grammatical structure and a large vocabulary can be challenging, and the highly contextual nature of the language makes real meaning of the words sometimes difficult to understand, especially if it links to cultural references. In addition, the complexity of characters forces many learners to quit after a while.

Inspired by how babies learn to speak and how adults pick up words while on holiday, I founded Lingoinn to create an immersive learning environment where learning is constantly yet naturally achieved, through planned or spontaneous social and cultural activities. Learners can experience the words and understand the proper context of using them and connect them emotionally. They will also remember the words better because of the full exposure visually and aurally. The learning process becomes fun, every new expression has personal experience and emotional connections, so it stays in one’s memory faster and longer.

More than help learning the language, is my passion to encourage people from all walks of life to see China with their own eyes. “Seeing is believing”, the cultural China is beautiful and enchanting. With the help of our professional teachers in China, our learners can gain unique insights into the real China. All our teachers are carefully vetted and selected. Their rich teaching experience and good knowledge of Chinese history, culture, society, as well as local sightseeing spots and culinary culture will make anyone’s immersion experience unforgettable. Being a part of the teachers’ family, our learners will have the opportunity to truly interact with Chinese people and share the culture and values beyond language and cultural boundary.

I am very proud of my Lingoinn team both in China and the UK. Everyone loves what we do and sets professional standards in providing one-stop seamless services. We welcome new ideas and are open to new challenges. We love to help our learners achieve their personal success, so we thrive together.

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