The City

Situated in Sichuan Province, Chongqing is the fourth largest city in China (after Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen) by urban population. And when counting the wider municipality, it’s sometimes considered the biggest megacity in the whole world.

What to see

What to see

Visit Chongqing Zoo to see the adorable giant pandas, and take a look around Ciqikou Ancient Town to get a feel for Chongqing’s history. As dusk begins to fall, head over to ancient Hongya Cave to watch the 2,300-year-old, 75-meter-tall former military fortress light up.

What to do

What to do

Take a relaxing Yangtze River Cruise tour along the river, and hop on the Yangtze River Cableway for a stunning bird’s eye view of it. Be sure to make time to take a day trip to Wulong Karst National Geology Park to see the beautiful Three Natural Bridges and Furong Cave.

What to eat

What to eat

As Chongqing is a Sichuanese city, spicy hot pot is a must. And, of course, you can’t leave without trying some tongue-tingling Chongqing noodles. Two popular noodle specialities are 重庆酸辣粉 chóngqìng suān là fěn – a spicy-sour soup dish with glass (sweet potato) noodles, and 重庆小面 chóngqìng xiǎo miàn – a spicy rich soup dish with wheat noodles.

boiled beef with Chinese Sichuan cuisine

Did You Know?

Chongqing is also affectionately known as the ‘8D Magic City’, because its infrastructure (like roads and buildings) has been cleverly structured around its mountainous terrain.


Combine your one-on-one classes with exciting tours accompanied by your teacher in Chongqing. This is your opportunity to experience the city with a local while improving your Chinese skills.

Each tour has a five-hour duration and you can customise it as you wish, choosing where to visit and counting on your teacher’s help to decide the best itinerary for the day.

Our teachers have selected interesting places they would love to show you around. Here are their suggestions for a one-day tour in Chongqing.

  • Chongqing City Tour

    Chongqing City Tour

    • People’s Auditorium
    • Hongya Cave
    • Three Gorges Museum
    • Taste Chongqing Hotpot 
  • Chongqing Cultural Tour

    Chongqing Cultural Tour

    • Ciqikou Ancient Town
    • Bao Lun Temple
    • Chen Mahua Food Street
    • Watch Sichuan Opera in Tea House
  • Chongqing Hiking Tour

    Chongqing Hiking Tour

    • Nanshan Scenic Area
    • Nanshan Botanical Garden
    • Hot Springs in Nan Wenquan Park
    • Taste Chongqing Fusion Cooking


Would you like to make a difference while visiting Chongqing?

We’ve partnered with organisations that will offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a range of activities, from teaching English to supporting disadvantaged children. This unique experience will allow you to have a positive impact while learning more about local culture and practising the language.

Chongqing, China