The City

Once a small market town in the 1500s, Shijiazhuang grew to become the capital of North China’s Hebei province, and the major industrial city that it is today.

What to see

What to see

Take in the views on Mount Cangyan and see the stone Buddha statue at the top, visit the oldest-standing bridge in China – Anji Bridge, and go people-watching in beautiful Chang’an Park, followed by shopping and eating in the park’s underground mall.

What to do

What to do

Take a cable car to ancient fortified village Baodu Zhai at the top of Baodu Mountain, go shopping at Shijuazhang’s largest mall – Yuhua Wanda Plaza, take a trip to the historic Buddhist monastery Longxing temple, and visit the Niangzi Pass to take a walk on the Great Wall of China.

What to eat

What to eat

Don’t miss local specialities like gaocheng noodles: these long, thin and hollow noodles were originally created for the royal family in Shijiazhuang. There’s also Hui braised chicken, baogao (a chewy buckwheat snack), and ganglu shaobing or ‘clay oven rolls’: crispy rolls made with wheat flour and sesame seeds.

Did You Know?

Mount Cangyan was one of the various locations used for the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


Combine your one-on-one classes with exciting tours accompanied by your teacher in Shijiazhuang. This is your opportunity to experience the city with a local while improving your Chinese skills.

Each tour has a five-hour duration and you can customise it as you wish, choosing where to visit and counting on your teacher’s help to decide the best itinerary for the day.

Our teachers have selected interesting places they would love to show you around. Here are their suggestions for a one-day tour in Shijiazhuang.

  • Shijiazhuang Temple Tour

    Shijiazhuang Temple Tour

    • Longxing Temple
    •  Zhengding South Gate
    • Linji Temple
    • Guanghui Temple
    • South Gate Gourmet Street
  • Shijiazhuang Pilgrimage

    Shijiazhuang Pilgrimage

    • Dragon Well Mountain
    • Dragon Well Temple
    • Vegetarian dinning
  • Shijiazhuang Night Tour

    Shijiazhuang Night Tour

    • Tumenguan Ancient Town
    • Tumenguan lights up ceremony
    • Tumenguan local snack taster


Would you like to make a difference while visiting Shijiazhuang?

We’ve partnered with organisations that will offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a range of activities, from teaching English to supporting the local community. This unique experience will allow you to have a positive impact while learning more about Chinese culture and practising the language.

Shijiazhuang, China