The City

Kaohsiung, also known as 高雄 Gāoxióng in Mandarin and pinyin, is a southern coastal city in Taiwan.

What to see

What to see

See colourful street art at Pier 2 Art Center, and visit the vibrant Dome of Light at the Formosa Boulevard Station of Kaohsiung MRT. If you’re around during March or April, travel to the small town of Neiman to watch the traditional Song Jiang Battle Array. The festival coincides with the Buddhist deity, Guanyin’s birthday (on the 19th day of the lunar calendar’s second month), and celebrates the town’s history of martial arts and indigenous culture.

What to do

What to do

Visit the huge Fo Guang Shan Buddhist temple, see the remains of Old Fengshan City’s 300-year-old walls and gates, and hike Shoushan (壽山, Monkey Mountain), which is inhabited by cheeky macaque monkeys. Take plenty of pictures of the rows upon rows of red lanterns at Sanfeng Temple, see even more beautiful temples and pagodas around Lotus Pond, and the colourful suspended umbrellas at Hou Yi Shopping District.

If you feel like a mini beach break, you can also take a short ferry trip to nearby Cijin Island from Gushan Ferry Pier Station.

What to eat

What to eat

Being so close to the ocean, you’re sure to find lots of delicious seafood dishes in Kaohsiung. Milkfish porridge is a popular breakfast choice in particular. Don’t forget to also enjoy Taiwanese classics like beef noodle soup, braised pork mince on rice (lu rou fan), fried chicken, bubble tea and sweet shaved ice. 

In the evening, hit one of Kaohsiung’s many bustling night markets to try a huge variety of street snacks. For example Shinkuchan, Ruifeng and Liuhe Night Markets.

Fo-Guang-Shan-Buddhist-temple- Kaohsiung- Taiwan

Did You Know?

Lotus Pond technically isn’t a pond – in fact, it’s a huge man-made lake, measuring around 42 hectares. So make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes for walking when you visit!


Combine your one-on-one classes with exciting tours accompanied by your teacher in Kaohsiung. This is your opportunity to experience the city with a local while improving your Chinese skills.

Each tour has a five-hour duration and you can customise it as you wish, choosing where to visit and counting on your teacher’s help to decide the best itinerary for the day.

Our teachers have selected interesting places they would love to show you around. Here are their suggestions for a one-day tour in Kaohsiung.

  • Kaohsiung Cultural Tour

    Kaohsiung Cultural Tour

    • Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
    • Lotus Pond  
    • Confucius Temple
    • Taste local food
  • Cijin Island Tour

    Cijin Island Tour

    • Cijin Tian Hou Temple
    • Cihou Lighthouse
    • Seaside Park
    • Qinjin Seafood
  • Paragliding Tour

    Paragliding Tour

    • Sai Jia Paragliding site
    • Sai Jia Leisure Park
    • Indigenous Peoples Culture Park
    • Local celebration food


Would you like to make a difference while visiting Kaohsiung?

We’ve partnered with organisations that will offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a range of activities, from teaching English to supporting disadvantaged children. This unique experience will allow you to have a positive impact while learning more about local culture and practising the language.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan