The City

Pingtung, or 屏东 píngdōng in Mandarin, is Taiwan’s southernmost county. Because of its subtropical location, Pingtung enjoys mild to hot weather throughout the year.

What to see

What to see

Make your way to Majia town to see the beautiful Liangshan Waterfall, walk around the beautifully ornate Cifong Temple, visit the coral island of Xiaoliuqiu, and check out Taiwan’s first national park, Kenting National Park.

What to do

What to do

Learn about Pingtung’s aboriginal tribes at Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park, find out about the Hakka population at Liudui Hakka Cultural Park, relax at Sichongxi Hot Spring Area, and hit Pingtung Night Market in Pingtung City for delicious street food.

What to eat

What to eat

Different townships have different delicacies, so make sure you travel around so you can try them all. For example, Wanluan town is famous for its braised pig knuckles. In fact, it has a whole street named after them: 屏東萬巒豬腳街 Píngdōng wànluán zhū jiǎo jiē.

In Donggang, bluefin tuna and sakura shrimp are must-try seafoods. Wandan town is known for its red bean dishes. And across Pingtung county, black pearl wax apples are served both raw as a snacking fruit or cooked in dishes.

Taiwan Hakka Food

Did You Know?

Pingtung City in Pingtung was originally called Akau, and was the home village of Taiwanese plains indigenous peoples.


Combine your one-on-one classes with exciting tours accompanied by your teacher in Pingtung. This is your opportunity to experience the city with a local while improving your Chinese skills.

Each tour has a five-hour duration and you can customise it as you wish, choosing where to visit and counting on your teacher’s help to decide the best itinerary for the day.

Our teachers have selected interesting places they would love to show you around. Here are their suggestions for a one-day tour in Pingtung.

  • Zhutian Town Tour

    Zhutian Town Tour

    • Zhutian Train Station
    • Pingtung Hakka Cultural Museum
    • Retro Café
    • Taste of Hakka food
  • Pingtung Mountain Hiking Tour

    Pingtung Mountain Hiking Tour

    • Wanjin Catholic Church
    • Climbing Museum
    • Taiwan Italian Restaurant
  • Xiaoliuqiu Lambai Island Tour

    Xiaoliuqiu Lambai Island Tour

    • Vase Stone
    • Beauty Beach
    • Xiaoliuqiu Sanlong Palace
    • Snorkelling with turtles


Would you like to make a difference while visiting Pingtung?

We’ve partnered with organisations that will offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a range of activities, from teaching English to supporting disadvantaged children. This unique experience will allow you to have a positive impact while learning more about local culture and practising the language.


Local Partners


    Taimei Parent-Child Library

    About TaiMei 

    Part of “The Taimei Education Foundation”, Taimei Parent-Child Library is located in Pingtung County in Taiwan with a collection of 60,000 books. It was established in 2008 in memory of Mr Lin Jiantai and Ms Liang Huimei, the founders of the Foundation. 

    Over the past 20 years, it has promoted numerous educational courses, hoping to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas, so that poor children in Pingtung can also get rich perspectives and educational resources.

    There are four classrooms, a parent-child kitchen, and two accommodation spaces in the library. The library organises regular events and invites volunteers from all over the world to give talks and lectures. 

    TaiMei’s Values

    The importance of reading for children should not be underestimated. It provides children with feelings of attention, love, and reassurance and helps them understand their world.

    TaiMei’s Mission

    Eliminating the inequality of children caused by the unequal distribution of wealth, so that disadvantaged children from poor rural areas can have the same educational opportunities and rich perspectives.

    How you can help at TaiMei

    * Giving a talk or facilitating a workshop about something you are an expert and passionate about.

    * Helping with book shelving and wrapping

    * Taking photos and videos at events

    * Tidying up the garden

    * General cleaning and other daily maintenance