The City

The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is famous for its laid-back pace of life, adorable giant pandas, and fragrant, spicy dishes.

What to see

What to see

Visit the giant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Wuhou Temple, Wenshu Monastery and Du Fu Thatched Cottage are musts for beautiful architecture and rich history. And if you can handle your heights, a trip up the West Pearl Tower rewards with a stunning 360° view over the city.

What to do

What to do

Enjoy a Sichuan ‘opera’ show at Shufeng Yayun Teahouse, have a peaceful people-watching break over a cup of tea at Hemin Teahouse in the People’s Park, walk along Jinli Ancient Walking Street and the Wide and Narrow Alleyways sampling the street foods, and go shopping on Chunxi Road.

What to eat

What to eat

Spicy-numbing ‘mala’ Sichuanese hotpot is a must-eat. Other musts are, guo kui (crispy fried pastry discs filled with meat), chaoshou (steamed dumplings), dan dan noodles, liang fen (spicy mung bean jelly), hongtang ciba (deep fried sticky rice cakes with brown sugar syrup), tianshui mian (cold sweet-spicy noodles) and – for the adventurous – spicy rabbit head.

Did You Know?

The New Century Global Center – a multipurpose centre with everything from shops and offices to a beach and waterpark – is the largest building in the world in terms of floor space.


Combine your one-on-one classes with exciting tours accompanied by your teacher in Chengdu. This is your opportunity to experience the city with a local while improving your Chinese skills.

Each tour has a five-hour duration and you can customise it as you wish, choosing where to visit and counting on your teacher’s help to decide the best itinerary for the day.

Our teachers have selected interesting places they would love to show you around. Here are their suggestions for a one-day tour in Chengdu.

  • Chengdu Gourmet Tour

    Chengdu Gourmet Tour

    • Wuhou Temple
    • Jinli Ancient Shopping Street
    • Taste Chengdu snacks
    • Visit Wide and Narrow alleys
  • Chengdu Cultural Tour

    Chengdu Cultural Tour

    • Chengdu museum
    • High end shopping areas in Taiguli, Chunxi Road and Daci Temple
    • Taste Chengdu skewers
  • Chengdu City Walk

    Chengdu City Walk

    • Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li
    • Chunxi Road
    • IFS International Financial Centre
    • Daci Temple
    • Street of Han traditional clothing


Would you like to make a difference while visiting Chengdu?

We have partnered with organisations that will offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a range of activities, from teaching English to working in a Panda conservatory. This unique experience will allow you to have a positive impact while learning more about Chinese culture and practicing the language.

Chengdu, China