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Why You Should Start Learning Chinese Online

By Natasha Cohen14/11/2022 Chinese Language, Learn Chinese

One of the best ways to make the most out of a trip abroad is to learn the local lingo ahead of your trip. And if you’re planning on travelling to a Chinese-speaking country, you might be hoping to learn some Mandarin before you go but unsure of where to start.

Beginning your language-learning journey online is a fantastic way to get a head start before you hop on the plane, or even before you embark on on-site Mandarin classes anywhere. The great news is that Lingoinn now offers live, interactive online foundation courses.

Not only can you learn the basics of conversational Chinese through these online lessons, but you can also learn more about Chinese culture and how to read some characters. And all in the comfort of your home.

Fitting in an in-classroom language course when you’re just starting out can sometimes feel like a big commitment. Especially when it comes to finding the time and money to travel to evening classes after work or morning classes during the weekend.

The great thing about online courses is that they’re super flexible – you can hop straight onto your computer to start the lesson. And they tend to cost less than in-classroom beginner courses, making them more budget-friendly and great for people who are just starting out.

The most effective way to learn a language, though, is through hybrid learning – with a mixture of virtual and in-person lessons. And the best way of all is to learn in a country of the language’s origin. More good news – Lingoinn offers the chance to do all of these.

Lingoinn’s online foundation courses include a Beginner Chinese Characters Course, an Essential Chinese Cultural Course and a General Chinese Foundation Course. The first two both have weekend and weekday evening options and the third is held on weekday evenings. Each course lasts for five weeks, and together they’ll give you a solid beginner’s grasp of Chinese language and culture. And the perfect head start for your travels in China or Taiwan.

Once you’ve completed one, two or – most effectively – all three online courses, you’ll be in a great position to enjoy a homestay learning course in China or Taiwan with us. While you don’t have to take the online courses first, they’re fantastic for boosting confidence and will let you hit the ground running on your adventure abroad.

Lingoinn’s tailored homestay courses let you live in the home of an expert language teacher in the city of your choice in China or Taiwan. And you can even choose more than one location. With a basic understanding of Chinese language and culture learned online, followed by an immersive experience within a Chinese-speaking country, you’ll be chatting with the locals in no time. Interested in signing up for our online foundation courses? Check out our current course options here, and find out more about our homestay programmes here

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