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Top Five Beach Holiday Destinations in China and Taiwan

By Natasha Cohen15/01/2024 Tourism, Visit China, Visit Taiwan

When you think about beach holidays, China might not be the first country that comes to mind. But both China and Taiwan are home to some of the most beautiful, Instagrammable beaches on the planet.

Whether it’s watching the sunset, taking a stroll along sandy shores, surfing waves or doing a little sunbathing, there’s a beach for everyone.

Ready to make everyone jealous with pictures of your next getaway? Here are our top five beach holiday destinations in China and Taiwan to book for your summer holidays.

Hainan, China

With golden sands, deep blue waters and palm trees, many of Hainan’s beaches rival those of more famous tropical beach destinations around the world.

One of the most popular beaches in Hainan is 三亚湾 ‘Sānyà wān’, Sanya Bay, which stretches a whopping 20 kilometres along the coastline. As well as bathing areas where you can take a dip in the sea, the section called 椰梦长廊 ‘yē mèng cháng láng’, Coconut Dream Corridor, is a must-visit length of the beach, recognisable by the long stretches of beautiful coconut trees.

Another beach in the Sanya area of Hainan is 亚龙湾 ‘Yàlóng wān’, Yalong Bay, also with pristine waters and sands, and plenty of space to swim and enjoy the gorgeous views. While Wuzhizhou Island is an ideal spot for the more adventurous, with lots of water sports like jet skiing and parasailing on offer.

Dalian, China

Because it’s a coastal city, Dalian also has several beaches to choose from and is a popular place for both Chinese and foreign holidaymakers alike.

Known for its clean white sands and crystal-clear, blue waters, 棒棰岛湾 ‘Bàngchuídǎo wān’ Bangchuidao Beach is part of the larger 棒棰岛景区 ‘Bàngchuídǎo jǐng qū’, Bangchuidao Scenic Area, and makes a great day out.

Further up north of the coast is 金石滩 ‘jīnshí tān’ Golden Pebble Beach, which is part of the 金石滩风景区 ‘Jīnshí tān fēngjǐng qū’ Jinshitan Scenic Area. Another great option for a whole day out, you can incorporate your beach trip with visiting the beautiful Jinshitan Coastal Geological Park.

Penghu, Taiwan

A close group of islands rather than a single spot, Penghu is another great holiday destination for sand and sea – and, of course, island hopping.

山水沙灘 ‘Shānshuǐ shātān’ Shanshui Beach, 隘門沙灘 ‘Àimén shātān’, Aimen Beach, and 林投海灘 ‘Líntóu hǎitān’ Lintou Beach are three of the most popular beaches amongst the islands. As well as all three featuring sparkling white sands and deep blue waters, Shanshui Beach in particular is also a great place to learn how to surf.

Kenting, Taiwan

Located in Pingtung county, Kenting has several beautiful beaches. But perhaps the most famous is 白沙灣 ‘Báishā wān’ Baishawan Bay, where scenes from the movie, Life of Pi, was filmed.

Not to be confused with New Taipei City’s beach of the same name, Kenting’s Baishawan literally means ‘white sand beach’, and delivers on its promise: soft white sands, along with warm, calm waters.

南灣沙灘 ‘Nán wān shātān’, South Bay Beach, is another big, popular beach in Kenting, but it can also get crowded – 小灣 ‘Xiǎo wān’ (Little Bay) is a great alternative as although it’s smaller it’s less crowded, and is quite close to downtown Kenting, too.

Qinhuangdao City, China

One of the most famous beaches in China itself, the 北戴河 ‘Běidàihé’ coast is located within the 北戴河景区 ‘Běidàihé jǐngqū’, Beidaihe Scenic Area in Qinhuangdao City. Since Qinhuangdao isn’t that far from the big city of Beijing, this beach is an ideal trip for many tourists who can’t decide between a city and a beach break.

Beidaihe has several bathing beaches along the coast that are perfect for having a paddle in. And you can even take part in a variety of water sports and activities like water skiing, wakeboarding and diving.

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