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The Best Free Apps For Learning Mandarin

By Natasha Cohen19/08/2021 Chinese Language, Learn Chinese

Learning Mandarin doesn’t just have to happen in a classroom. Today, there’s a huge wealth of apps that can help you on your language-learning journey, wherever you are.

Here are some of our favourites that you can download for free.

1) Best all-rounders

Hello Chinese

Ideal for beginners to Chinese Mandarin, Hello Chinese breaks down the learning process into short, fun tasks, which include listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises.

Download: Android / iOS


One of the best-known apps for learning different languages, Duolingo offers a number of courses – including Mandarin. It’s great for both total beginners and for more intermediate learners, who can take an assessment test to place them in the right level.

Download: Android / iOS


Similarly to Hello Chinese, ChineseSkill builds beginners’ knowledge with a series of bite-sized lessons and activities, including speaking exercises. It was developed by members of the Chinese Departments from Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, National University of Singapore, and Indiana University.

Download: Android / iOS


Great for listening, speaking, reading and writing, LingoDeer’s lessons have been created by language teachers, and is another great app for beginners.

Download: Android / iOS

Ninchanese (Nincha Languages)

Another good option for beginners, Ninchanese gamifies the language-learning experience with easy-to-digest lessons and mini-games.

Download: iOS

HSK Online

Designed to help users learn Chinese by HSK level and study for the exams, this app includes reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks sorted by levels 1–6.

Download: Android / iOS

2) Best for Grammar 

Chinese Grammar Test (Android only)

Aimed at learners who already have some knowledge of Mandarin, this app breaks down grammar points by HSK level.

Download: Android

3) Best for Chinese characters


Anki is perhaps the most well-known and powerful free flashcard app out there. You can use pre-made or custom card decks, which are then presented using a spaced repetition system (SRS) to help users absorb new vocabulary as efficiently as possible.

Download: Android / iOS


While it also can be used as a flashcard app, Memrise also has a feature that lets you translate objects around you by using your phone’s camera.

Download: Android / iOS

4) Best for listening and reading

Du Chinese

Including a number of free articles daily and more if you opt to pay for the app, Du Chinese lets you translate individual words and whole sentences, as well as choose articles by skill level. They also feature voice recordings taken from native speakers, so you can listen as you read or just listen.

Download: Android / iOS

5) Best for writing

Skritter: Write Chinese

Skritter helps you learn to write characters using the correct stroke order. While Skritter does come with a monthly subscription fee, you can try it out for free for your first seven days.

Download: Android / iOS

6) Best dictionary


Pleco lets you enter words in English, pinyin or Chinese characters to find their translations. You can also use your touchscreen to write characters, and see the words you look up in sentences for context.

Download: Android / iOS

Remember – while these apps provide a great way to learn from the comfort of your couch, there’s no better way to learn a language than immersed in it, while in its country of origin.

Check out Lingoinn’s homestay service, which lets you stay in the home of a qualified Mandarin teacher in their home in China.

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