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Five Steps To Make Your Own Chinese Paper Cutting Art

By Teacher Shi07/09/2020 Chinese Culture

Hello all, I am Teacher Shi from Kunming, where I live and host Lingoinn students. Today I’m going to guide you through the steps to create your own paper cutting in the form of a butterfly, an important Chinese symbol of longevity and love.

Paper Cutting 剪紙 jjiǎnzhǐ is an ancient Chinese art form originating in the 6th century AD that uses simple cutting and folding paper techniques to create intricate decorations. Traditional 剪紙 jiǎnzhǐ is used to decorate windows and doors, gaining its name of chuāng huā 窗花, meaning window flower. So follow along with me as we create our window flowers together!

Chinese paper cutting

Preparation: You will need a rectangular shape of paperboard, a pair of scissors and a pencil

Chinese paper cutting

Step 1: Fold the paperboard in half

Chinese Paper Cutting

Step 2: Use the pencil to draw the outline of half-butterfly

Chinese Paper Cutting

Step 3: Use the scissors to cut along the outline for a rough shape of the butterfly

Chinese Paper Cutting

Step 4: Further cut out the details

Chinese Paper Cutting

Step 5: Unfold the paperboard and a beautiful butterfly is in front of you

5 simple steps and you are now a paper cutting artist – well done! The butterfly can be hung on your window or door as a symbolic reminder or you can stick it anywhere as a decoration.

To learn more about me and the activities you can do with me in Kunming, check out my profile here.

Thank you for joining in with me! 

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