General Chinese Foundation Course


Equip you with some basics for striking up a conversation and going to places.

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Duration 5 weeks
Days Tuesday & Thursday
Time 6pm-7:30pm BST
Level Introductory
Fees£ 225


This course introduces Chinese Mandarin to those who have no prior knowledge of the language. It offers systematic teaching to beginners who want to develop a basic understanding of Chinese grammar and sentence structure. It uses Pinyin to teach essential vocabulary and expressions to help learners develop effective daily communication within a short space of learning time. Taught online with live interaction between a teacher and a small group of students, it’s a perfect course for you to get some basics before travelling to Chinese speaking countries.

Content outlines

  • Pinyin initials, finals and tones
  • Basic structural words and word order
  • Greetings and introduction
  • Foods, drinks, and dining
  • Numbers, currency, and price
  • Colours, sizes, and shopping
  • Transport and directions


  • You are a total beginner
  • Or have prior learning of up to 20 hours

Learning materials

  • All learning materials are in digital format that included in the course