Beginner Chinese Characters Course (Weekend)


Guide you through a structured learning to write beautiful characters and memorise them easily.

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Duration 5 weeks
Days Saturday
Time 9:30am -12:30pm BST
Level Introductory
Fees£ 255


This beginner course provides structured learning of writing Chinese characters. It’s suitable for people who either only read and write in Pinyin or want to write characters in correct stroke order to improve memorization and recognition. It begins with a briefing on the history of characters and how it’s evolved to modern-day forms. Key concepts of writing characters such as stroke name, stroke order, radicals and components will be explained and practised. Taught online with live interaction between a teacher and a small group of students, you will learn approximately 120 characters and words related to family, travel, and daily routine. It will be super handy when you are in a Chinese-speaking country and surrounded by characters from public signs to food menus.

Content outlines

  • The evolution of Chinese characters
  • Common strokes and stroke order
  • Single component characters
  • Combined characters
  • Common radicals
  • Writing about family and travel plans
  • Writing about daily routine


  • You can read and write Pinyin
  • You understand basic Chinese grammar

Learning materials

  • All learning materials are in digital format that included in the course.