Bespoke Courses

Our bespoke homestay immersion courses are designed to meet your needs and interests, create a more personal and highly enjoyable homestay experience for you.  

Flexible Duration 

We can arrange any length of stay from 2 weeks onward according to your time frame and schedule. 

Various Intensity 

We can tailor courses with different level of intensity, either 2 hours a day or 5 hours a day based on your current level and learning style. 

Specific Focus 

We can plan and design courses with a focus on a specific subject or purpose, such as Business Chinese or HSK examination preparation. 

Personal Services 

We can provide airport pick-up or drop-off service and other individual services such as applying visa or arranging travel insurance.  

Why Lingoinn Mandarin teacher homestay? 

  • Top qualified experienced teachers

  • Comfortable accommodation

  • All year round flexible course duration

  • Tailored private lessons 

  • Various types of courses

  • Interesting activities and excursions

  • Competitive prices 

Submit your registration form today and we will find you a perfect teacher homestay!

A brief guide to the process

Pay the fees 

Apply visa l

On the way to homestay 

18 years +

passport holder 

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